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Navigating Malaysia's Digital Talent Landscape: Competency Tagging and Upskilling Journey

In the wake of the pandemic, Malaysia's digital talent landscape has undergone a rapid transformation, necessitating a paradigm shift in the way organisations approach talent development. The demand for digital skills has surged, highlighting the critical need for upskilling and competency tagging within organisations.

The skills gap has widened, prompting businesses to prioritize employee development to stay competitive. Competency tagging, a method of identifying and assessing specific skills within a workforce, has become crucial. organisations are realizing that to thrive in the digital age, their talents must possess a diverse set of skills, ranging from digital literacy to advanced technical proficiencies.

The importance of upskilling cannot be overstated. It not only addresses the current skills gap but also future-proofs the workforce against evolving technological landscapes. In this context, easily accessible online learning platforms like Skillsoft Percipio play a pivotal role. These platforms provide a plethora of courses covering a wide range of skills, allowing organisations to tailor training programs based on individual competency needs.

Choosing the right training for talent and devising a transformation plan can be a daunting task. However, with platforms like Skillsoft Percipio, organisations can efficiently align their training programs with strategic goals. The affordability and accessibility of online learning democratize the upskilling process, ensuring that every employee has the opportunity to enhance their competencies.

Digital certifications and credentials add tangible value to an employee's skillset. For instance, in the realm of cybersecurity, certifications from industry-recognized bodies like EC-Council validate a professional's expertise. organisations can strategically guide their talent to acquire certifications that align with industry standards, enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of the company.

Awantec's strategic collaboration with Skillsoft Percipio and EC-Council positions the organization as a catalyst for Malaysia's digital talent transformation. By leveraging these partnerships, Awantec facilitates a seamless integration of competency tagging, upskilling journeys, and industry-specific certifications. This collaboration equips Malaysia's talent with the digital dexterity required to navigate the future landscape.

The digital talent landscape in Malaysia is evolving rapidly, and organisations must adapt to thrive. Competency tagging and upskilling journeys are imperative to bridge the skills gap. With easily accessible online learning platforms and strategic collaborations, organisations can craft a transformative journey that ensures their talents are not just competent but digitally equipped for the challenges of the future. Awantec's collaboration with Skillsoft Percipio and EC-Council is a testament to the commitment to shaping Malaysia's talent for a digitally-driven future.

Organisations who wishes to embark on the upskilling journey for their existing talents are encouraged to speak to us at


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