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Partners You Can Trust: Awantec's Prestigious Recognition by Google

Awantec, a leading player in the realm of cloud solutions, has recently been honoured with one of the most prestigious accolades in the world of cloud computing – the coveted Premier Status and Specialization for Google Workspace/Google Cloud. This prestigious recognition is not merely a badge of honour but a clear testament to Awantec's unmatched proficiency and extensive experience with Google Cloud, solidifying its commitment to excellence in providing cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Not Just a Partner, A Proven Expert

When it comes to choosing a Google Cloud partner, it's crucial to select one that not only promises comprehensive support but also possesses validated skills to help you meet your specific goals. A Google Cloud partner with a Specialisation signals to clients the highest level of proficiency and expertise with Google Cloud platforms. Specialisation, being Google’s highest technical designation, reflects a partner’s established Google Cloud services practise, consistent customer success, and proven technical capabilities, meticulously vetted by Google alongside a third-party assessor.

Awantec's attainment of Expertise, Specialisation, and solution designations positions them as partners you can trust. These accolades are a testament to their Google-validated skills, showcasing their ability to help clients achieve their goals with the highest level of proficiency and expertise in Google Cloud.

In-Depth Infrastructure Services

Awantec's elevated status shines brightly in the realm of Infrastructure Services. Having demonstrated proven success in building customer infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud, our capabilities span a broad range of products including Compute Engine, Google Cloud VPC Network, Cloud Interconnect, Anthos, and many more. To earn this distinction, Awantec has showcased a team of four employees with Professional Cloud Architect certifications alongside a portfolio of customer success stories specifically related to this Specialisation.

Transforming Work Environments for SMBs

The award also highlights Awantec's success in deploying Google Workspace to SMB organisations. This achievement underscores our proficiency in providing services encompassing governance, technical implementation, training, processes, and support. Significantly, this feat was backed by the expertise of four employees with Professional Google Workspace Administrator certifications and documented through customer success stories specific to this Specialisation.

Premier Level: A Testament to Higher Capability

Achieving Premier Status illustrates Awantec's superior capability and performance. This elevated status is accompanied by enhanced benefits and engagement from Google, further enabling us to sell and service Google Cloud products effectively. Awantec stands as a testament to the heightened expertise, having met rigorous requirements in customer acquisition, qualified consumption, credentials & certifications, and customer success stories, both for Google Cloud and Google Workspace platforms.

Your Trusted Advisory

Awantec goes beyond being a Service Partner by offering trusted advisory consulting, pre- and post-sales professional services, and integration services to our customers. Our deep services capability ensures that we not only meet but exceed our client's expectations in navigating through the cloud computing landscape.

Forward Together

This recognition from Google elevates the trust and confidence our clients and potential customers can place in us. As we continue to excel and innovate, Awantec remains committed to enabling businesses to harness the full power of Google Cloud and Google Workspace technologies, steering them towards unparalleled success in the digital realm.


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