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Planally - Producing More with Less through Automation

Automation is a rapidly expanding and critical component of contemporary business. In order to stay competitive, organisations must be inventive and capitalise on market opportunities before competitors whilst remaining adaptable towards changes like hybrid work models and digitalisation in their practices. In tandem, constructing sets of repeatable and proven processes optimised for efficiency is vital for organisations to boost positive customer experiences and attain profitable operations, highlighting the importance of automation which can be seen and discussed throughout this article. The worldwide pandemic has influenced practically all organisational processes, bringing additional demands and requiring businesses to reconsider their business practices. On the other hand, process automation may greatly assist a company deal with this significant shift. This is evident in Camunda’s 2022 State of Process Automation report, which surveyed 600 IT professionals within North America and Europe, where about 92% underline process automation as a vital element of digital transformation and its cruciality to attaining corporate streamlining and efficiency, as well as freeing up personnel to concentrate on more complicated, strategic tasks. On top of that, 82% marked automation as a higher priority for their organisation compared to the previous year, mainly seen through the obvious value that it brings. 89% of respondents report significant business growth as a result of process automation, while 33% claim to have earned at least 100% ROI in the previous year alone. This might be one of the reasons why 88% of organisations aim to raise their expenditure in automation over the next 2 years, with 46% planning to substantially increase it. Implicatively, process automation will undoubtedly enable Malaysia’s technology industry to spearhead the modern digital economy, which is exactly where Planally, a SaaS business under the Axceligent umbrella, comes in, as they are able to offer their services at a competitively low price to promote local digital adoption.

As the leading brand in Digital Workspace Software, Planally offers a highly dynamic and adaptable Work Management Platform that assists organisations and groups from any sector in quickly transforming manual procedures into digital applications. Being the only Work Management Platform that features the Phase Gate Methodology, Planally allows for complete control over every aspect of the organisation by constructing a well-organised workflow from beginning to end. Its low-cost software also enables users to digitalise, automate, and regulate any business operation with a just few clicks of the mouse. Some of the incredible solutions and benefits that Planally offers are best described down below:-

Digital Initiatives

  • Through clear-cut and editable workflow charts of digital initiatives, users are able to immediately visualise to make faster and better decisions, leading to focus on the most critical initiatives that bridge the gap between the user’s digital and business strategies

Business Improvement

  • By leveraging reliable, real-time data, users are able to respond quickly to market shifts by realigning initiatives to support business goals

  • Throughout the planning and ex

ecution phase, increase the communication and involvement between stakeholders and teams

Capital Investment Management

  • Make decisive and confident decisions by utilising dependably accurate real-time data to guarantee a project’s progress

  • Enables collaboration across teams, allowing for faster and more efficient operations that keep stakeholders and teams in the loop at all times

  • Ensuring each investment of time, mo

ney and resources goes towards the most viable initiatives to provide results

New Product Development

  • Streamline the delivery and introduction of brand-new goods to optimise revenue and market share

  • Integrate and link your innovation ideas with corporate objectives and strategically drive new product development

Process and Project Management

  • Enabling confidence to plan, execute, and track the team’s projects in order to achieve quicker and better outcomes

  • Keeping track of every timeline from start to completion and being in charge of a project at all times allows for a holistic view of the fullness of a project

Product Life Cycle Management

  • Transparency, accountability, visibility, and alignment are created to work towards the same objective by utilising correct data and clearly stated duties

  • Obtain real-time status updates, track progress, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Portfolio Management

  • By weeding out poorly matched activities, always prioritise the best prospects for the company

  • Managing portfolio with complete transparency, seeing red flags as soon as possible and making decisive decisions based on real-time data

Team Collaboration

  • Seamless connection allows for teams and stakeholders to communicate quickly in order to make quicker, smarter choices

  • Simplified cross-functional deliverables with dynamic workflows, endorsements, and certifications enable improvements in cooperation and responsibility

In conclusion, what Planally offers is confidence, regardless of the work area or the size of the undertaking, ensuring the direction is transparent, the goals are established, the procedures have been tried, evaluated, and conclusively demonstrated to be best practice, information is shared accurately and in real-time, and stakeholders are consistently on the same page.


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