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Skillsoft Partner of the Year 2022

Awantec, a subsidiary of AwanBiru Technology Berhad, was awarded the prestigious Skillsoft APAC Partner of the Year award for 2022. The achievement comes directly from efforts taken by the Group in developing upskilling opportunities for talent in Malaysia.

Out of all the APAC Skillsoft partners, Awantec's nomination and win stem from its dedication to supporting efficient and significant learning. The Group’s initiatives include offering a range of upskilling programs, leveraging Skillsoft’s breadth of content, and delivering customised learning solutions using the Skillsoft Learning Platform. The team has been instrumental in driving skills transformation, enabling learners to develop knowledge, skills, and competencies that are both occupation- and industry-specific.

More than 25,000 people have received upskilling from Awantec in Malaysia since 2019 for organisations and agencies working in a variety of industries. Including more than 21,000 digitally upskilled individuals, this encompasses a wide range of digital transformation, cyber security, corporate communication, and customer experience initiatives.

“The award provides a strong backing in terms of how we have helped the Talent landscape within Malaysia, especially within the Public Sector. This win is a testament that Awantec is on the right track forward, especially when it comes to Upskilling”, said Dr Peter Lee Fuei Siong ,Director, Talent & Development.

“With recent research showing a potential USD90billion forecast within the E-Learning industry, options like mobile learning and integration of AI within learning to create a customised and seamless experience for the users to easily upskill. We must seize this opportunity and leverage the technology to empower our citizens and the global economy,’ added Dr Peter Lee.

The award recognises the Group's dedication to assisting organisations in bridging their employees' present skill gaps and developing them into top-tier talents. Its customised learning solutions and a wide variety of skill-development programmes have proved to be advantageous to its clients.

This accolade from Skillsoft recognises Awantec's continuous commitment to delivering upskilling opportunities to organisations throughout Malaysia and the APAC region. The Group looks forward to further expanding its capabilities within the upskilling landscape by offering more customisable solutions together with Skillsoft over the years to come.


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