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Skillsoft's CAISY: Revolutionising Business Conversations with AI

AI-Powered Conversation Trainer: CAISY leverages artificial intelligence to create a lifelike simulation of real-world conversations. This groundbreaking tool provides users with a secure environment to practice and refine their communication skills without the fear of judgement or consequence.

Business Communication Focus: Designed specifically for the demands of the modern workplace, CAISY hones in on key aspects of business communication. From coaching an absent employee to navigating change management, the simulator covers a spectrum of scenarios vital for professional growth.

Wide Range of Scenarios: With a diverse library of pre-programmed scenarios and the flexibility to customise simulations, CAISY caters to the varied needs of businesses. Whether it's handling a PR scandal or managing an irate customer, employees can immerse themselves in realistic scenarios to sharpen their responses.

Real-Time Feedback: One of CAISY's standout features is its ability to provide immediate feedback. After each simulation, users receive constructive insights to identify strengths and areas for improvement. This real-time feedback loop empowers employees to track their progress and refine their communication strategies over time.

Integration with Skillsoft Courseware: CAISY seamlessly integrates with Skillsoft's extensive courseware, recommending relevant resources to complement users' learning journeys. This synergy ensures a comprehensive approach to skill development, enhancing the effectiveness of the training experience.

New AI-Driven Coaching Features: Skillsoft's commitment to innovation shines through with the introduction of new AI-driven coaching features. These enhancements eliminate the "trial-by-error" approach in critical workplace conversations, providing a secure environment for employees to simulate discussions, receive real-time feedback, and elevate their proficiency in effective communication.

Skillsoft's dedication to excellence is further validated by the recent accolade of winning the AI Excellence Award for CAISY™. This recognition underscores the transformative impact of CAISY in revolutionising business communication training.

Businesses and organisations that wish to start or continue their journey in practice with CAISY™ Simulations can come talk to us at Come explore Skillsoft’s courses and unleash your edge.


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