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Stay Relentless Against Cyber Attacks

The terms digital transformation and cloud migration has become a term that has been used regularly over recent years. As organisations embrace these concepts and work towards optimising their business operations, it is very important to strike the right balance between productivity levels and security. While there are more modern technologies that could help organisations advance their IT infrastructure to transition primarily to cloud-base environments from on-premise, there can be several implications if not done securely.

As companies continue to migrate their infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, it is crucial to understand the critical security requirements to ensure that all the data is safe. Although third-party cloud computing providers are responsible for managing the infrastructure and usually follow cloud security’s best practices to protect the integrity of their servers, organisations still need their own initiatives ensuring that all their data, applications and workloads running on the cloud are well protected.

Malaysia became an attractive target of cyber espionage due to its involvement in the Belt and Road project and its efforts to develop high-technology and knowledge-based industries and services. According to a study conducted by Mandiant, a market leader and expert in cyber threat intelligence found that most cyber threats activity in Malaysia happened in the government sector’s digital space followed by those in the financial sector.

In a blog published on 20 March 2023, Mandiant released new research that examines zero-day exploitation during the 2022 calendar year, highlighting that the software targeted and the variety of actors exploiting zero-days have evolved and expanded.

The report provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the various zero-days Mandiant identified, combined with breach investigation findings and reporting from open sources – and focuses on zero-days exploited by named groups and their respective country of origin, where data was available.

In addition to spotlighting the evolution and expansion of software targeted and the variety of actors exploiting zero-days, the report discusses overall takeaways from threat actor activity, vulnerability trends, and targeted vendors and products.

The Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform, powered by the Mandiant Intel Grid, delivers the ability to measure, optimise, and continuously monitor security programs while offering security experts who understand data breaches right from the start. Through its four core modules within the family; Threat Intelligence, Security Validation, Automated Defense and Attack Surface Management, the platform allows security practitioners to have unparalleled visibility and expertise into threats that matters to their organisation and make the best security decisions based on the incident response report. Based on the rationalisation report from the security validation module, organisations will be able to scale their security operations effectively and efficiently. As the IT environment is dynamic and ever changing, it is imperative that security practitioners start to think like the attackers. The Attack Surface Management module allows organisations to see themselves through the eyes of the attacker whenever they start making changes to their IT infrastructure.

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