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Taking Digital Transformation Forward

Cloud migration appears to have gained popularity in recent years. However, challenges faced by companies that are on the fence include whether their internal IT team has the right skill sets and capabilities to implement the transition and eventual cloud operations, or whether they have to outsource the task to a third party. Another concern that hinders companies from considering cloud migration is data sovereignty. The issue of companies being concerned about the security of their data stored in the cloud has been a hot topic of discussion before embarking on the cloud journey.

Awantec’s business goal as the catalyst of digital transformation is to assist organisations in optimising their workloads by using modern cloud infrastructure. While most organisations have legacy applications and data that need to be moved to the cloud, Awantec also needs to ensure that all data migrated into the cloud complies with regulatory requirements such as data sovereignty. Therefore, the cloud migration services offered by Awantec can be tailor made to fit each organisation’s unique needs.

Awantec’s strategic partnership with Google, offers more than just migrating existing applications to the cloud; our experts will also help organisations to evaluate their existing IT infrastructure for a smooth transition to the cloud whether your organisation chooses a full cloud migration or hybrid cloud implementation securely and efficiently.

To ensure organisations’ data sovereignty as part of their business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan, Awantec also offers backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This service will ensure that all the data is secure and always available, even during any disaster.

As part of our value added service to our customers, Awantec together with Google will be providing training and support services to help organisations become proficient with the cloud environment.

In every case, organisations who are planning to embark on the cloud journey, some research needs to be made to understand their business and look at how other organisations; locally or globally, do business on the cloud before making any decisions.

If you are an organisation looking to embark on the cloud journey, please contact us at to start the conversation today.


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