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Third Awantec Virtual Talk Session – Ihya Ramadhan with PU Azman

As the focus and tempo shifted with the arrival of Ramadhan Al-mubarak, AwanBiru Technology Berhad (Awantec) held yet another virtual talk session to rekindle the spirit of worship and observance in welcoming the blessed month of forgiveness and blessings.

This time, Awantec invited a celebrated local freelance speaker, celebrity and actor, Azman Syah Bin Alias or better known by Malaysians as PU Azman or ‘Cik Man’ to pep Awantec’s employees in revving not only their good deeds and charity, but as well as to keep their productivity level high for a truly meaningful Ramadhan.

The winner of season two Pencetus Ummah engaged the employees of Awantec in an informal virtual chat session, sharing his input on fasting and its benefits whilst in the same time, addressing all the casual questions and queries by employees, which covered a wide range of topics – from aqidah, ibadah, all the way to fiqh.

The third virtual talk series witnessed a healthy group-wide participation from 40 Awantec employees, from various ethnicities and backgrounds, streaming live from their respective locations. While the non-muslim employee participated to understand the holy month better, the muslim employees on the other hand were all in with the determination to make the best out of this Ramadhan.

The virtual talk session came into conclusion with a virtual selfie by participating employees and PU Azman himself.


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