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Transform Your Data Into Value

The need for data analysis has grown in recent years. Big Data and its accuracy of information have made a huge impact and have become a necessity for every organisation’s needs. Data has been helping companies make smart decisions thanks to technological advances such as IoT or Big Data. Data from Smart Analytics enables organisations to analyse in an efficient way large amounts of information that they wouldn’t be able to analyse with traditional methods.

As Malaysia’s leading digital transformation enabler, Awantec sees the importance of information as a decisive factor in decision making. Providing Smart Analytics as part of Awantec’s services will allow organisations who have a massive volume of data to know how to read all that data to help them make smart decisions. Suitable for organisations that are using on-prem or cloud solutions, Smart Analytics is designed for organisations that may have data or have just started on their data journey and are looking to gain new insights.

Awantec through its strategic partnership with Google offers Google Cloud Smart Analytics, a flexible, open, and secured data analytics platform that provides the easiest path to become an intelligence-driven organisation. Organisations choose Google Cloud as their data cloud for its ability to fuel data-driven transformation. Organisations that choose Google Cloud as their data cloud solution gain access to a powerful platform that fuels data-driven transformations, allowing them to maximise the value of their data assets.

Smart Analytics allows organisations to find new opportunities to transform their customer experience, boost their revenue while being cost effective. Awantec’s team of experts will be there to work with you and assist with data assessments, consultation, and implementation. Businesses can tailor their products, services, and marketing efforts to better meet the needs of their customers by gaining insights into their behaviour, preferences, and trends. This personalised approach increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, revenue growth. Furthermore, Smart Analytics enables businesses to identify cost-cutting measures and optimise resource allocation, ensuring cost-effectiveness while maintaining operational efficiency.

To ensure that organisations are always up to date with the latest data analytics trends and technologies, Awantec also offers continuous improvement and upskilling so that our customers can unlock their organisation’s value with data and AI by providing training and support services.

The adoption of Smart Analytics by organisations allows them to be efficient while making accurate and rapid decisions. The emergence of data from Smart Analytics encourages organisations to seek new business opportunities as well as boost customer retention rates.

If you are an organisation or enterprise that is ready to unlock your big data, reimagine your business, and be inspired to take the next step, let’s solve your data analytics together by contacting us at to start the conversation.

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