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Why become Google Certified Professionals?

Cloud adoption is inevitable with the ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0. Organisations which successfully moved their workloads to the cloud managed to meet their business objectives, found new solutions to get the work done, and accelerated their capabilities to grow further. Migrating to cloud-based solutions and services requires a proficient workforce to operate the systems and groundwork, which explains the importance of investing in cloud training.

As many IT operations have shifted to the cloud, organisations are required to include cloud skill training & development strategies as part of their growth plan. Improving digital literacy amongst employees is proven to effectively increase digital adoption for organisations who want to expand and explore the cloud by leveraging their talents’ expertise. With well-trained employees, organisations can bridge the cloud skills gap, increase productivity and enjoy market advantages as they continue to innovate to stay ahead of competitors.

What are Google certifications?

Google certifications are courses that grant professionals and talents from various industries such as marketing, IT, design, education and others, the opportunity to upskilling and reskilling their cloud proficiencies. 30% of Google Cloud certified individuals have applied for a new role after becoming a Google Certified Professional and 70% of those applicants received at least 1 job offer. If you’re aiming to develop new skills or earn a higher salary, getting Google certifications will mostly be beneficial in your future endeavors.

Benefits of getting Google certifications

1) Learning new abilities & advance skills

Upskilling through Google cloud platform opens up new doors of opportunities for all levels of professionals as they get to learn new abilities required to climb the ladder in their career journey or enhance their existing skills that will surely be beneficial when pursuing new responsibilities or looking for a better job.

2) Fully utilise Google tools

87% of Google Cloud Certified individuals are more confident about their cloud skills. This is because reskilling helps talents to become experts. Even if you are already well-versed in a lot of Google tools, chances are you still have areas for improvement and gaps to fulfill. By pursuing this path, you’ll build more confidence, enhance your foundation and achieve your career goals.

3) Prove of expertise

Being a Google Certified Professional gives talents the chance to prove to their current and future employees that they are certified with the right skills and knowledge required to perform tasks efficiently and effectively. It is estimated that 81% talents can prove their cloud skill competency to recruiters.

4) Boost your earning capacity

77% of those who received the training as Google Certified Professional feel more confident in their professional future as the skills gained help them to boost their earning capacity. Talents can surely secure a new job or pursue career advancement opportunities that can give higher and competitive salaries as they have the certified Google skills.

5) Minimal entry requirement

A majority of the courses available do not require previous experience or formal education which makes them perfect for both beginners and advanced learners. While each programme differs, some courses are suitable for entry-level professionals and there are also a few that require a higher level of experience or prior knowledge of the subject.

Awantec appointed as Google Cloud Authorised Training Partner (ATP)

Awantec was recently appointed as the Authorised Training Partner (ATP) for Google Cloud to upskill talents with comprehensive cloud training and courses in preparing them to become certified Google Cloud professionals. As an ATP, Awantec is committed to providing extensive coaching under professional guidance and with industry experts where talents will gain an in-depth understanding of how to develop, deploy and operate infrastructure and applications on Google Cloud Platform.

Talent development is core to Awantec’s DNA. This appointment allows Awantec to provide the right knowledge and skills needed by employees and organisations to future-proof themselves and their businesses. Being both Managed Service Provider (MSP) and ATP, Awantec can now provide end-to-end service, implement solutions and provide official training curriculums, servicing both the public and private sectors. This is an awakening journey for Awantec towards empowering individuals and organisations through upskilling and reskilling pathways.

Courses available

The courses available are a direct training cycle produced by Google Cloud, encompassing various fields; Cloud infrastructure, API management, Machine Learning, and AI, networking and security, cloud business leadership, application development, Kubernetes, hybrid and multi-cloud, data engineering and analytics, and also Google Workspace. With over 100 different courses and numerous learning paths for talents, receiving formal training from ATP on all Google Cloud Platform products helps them to develop the required skills for the job market and career as a whole.

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