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Workplace Automation Is Changing The Future of Work

There was a time when the term “automation” was referred to the manufacturing plants where it is filled with robots. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, most organisations decided to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. This business revolution will change the way business operations run.

Ever since the pandemic started, most companies have turned to automation to run their businesses thus significantly changing the workplace landscape in every industry. We have seen the rise of hybrid workplace automation, smart spaces and marketing automation. These days, there are new updates, programs or apps that can assist employees to complete a task which usually takes a lot of time to finish thus helping employees to broaden their scope and better utilise their workload.

Workplace automation can be an opportunity or a threat as it uses technology to perform tasks without any human intervention thus will redefine many jobs rather than eliminate them. Deploying a digital workforce in an organisation will not just empower the existing workforce but it will also help them to save time, increase productivity and efficiency.

Automation Anywhere, a world’s leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), offers a web-based and cloud native intelligent automation platform that combines RPA, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and analytics, to help organisations start and scale their business operations automation journey.

With a user-friendly and more intuitive developer interface, Automation Anywhere RPA software is built for business users to build and deploy their own robot without needing any coding skills thus allowing businesses to lower their total cost of ownership for automation as the platform is web-based and cloud native.

This feature is a tremendous help for organisations to manage their overall work processes especially companies who must meet certain Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This will allow them to strengthen their position with their customers and also in the competitive market.

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