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Planally is a robust and dynamic no-code platform that lets you transform your manual processes into digitalized apps within minutes. 

  • Automate & standardize your unique processes 

  • Streamline work and unite both stakeholders and data silos.


The only Work Management Platform that offers the Phase Gate Methodology. 

Managing the overall performance goals right down to each task has NEVER been easier as Planally’s intuitive work management features, offer unparalleled levels of visibility and control over your work.

Digitalize, Automate, Standardize
Any process, for any industry, any department, from anywhere

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Multiple Apps

One-stop centre to easily create multiple apps for every work process.


Multiple Roadmaps

Ability to set up any number of roadmaps for any app.


Process Standardization

Standardize any process across your organization.

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Private Cloud

Capability to deploy on client’s Private Cloud.

ico_blue_Full Configurable.png

Full Configurable

Fully configurable without the need for any customization

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Local Support

Local Support Team based in Malaysia.

ico_blue_dynamic phase gate.png

Dynamic Phase Gate

The only fully dynamic Phase Gate Platform in the market



Online and Onsite trainings available to all users.


Supporting your business growth

  • Streamlined tracking, documenting, and analysis of work in your organization.

  • Improved transparency and accountability resulting in informed decision-making.

  • Optimized performance with the effective allocation of resources and budget.

  • Greater trust between your organization and its stakeholders by optimizing collaboration and information-sharing.

  • Improved governance, compliance, and auditing capabilities of your organization.

  • Effective training of teams on all policies and standard operating procedures.

  • Efficient data management with data captured, organized, stored, and analyzed on a single platform.

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Build Your Business Anywhere

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